“I have been on four retreats with Joanne – to Mexico, Dominica, Peru and Rwanda– and each one has been better than the last. Although I’m only a casual practitioner of yoga, I have felt perfectly comfortable and have seen my practice dramatically improve though her daily sessions. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of adventure, whether visiting a boiling lake, hiking to lost Incan ruins, monkey trekking through the rainforest, or swimming with dolphins. I have made new friends along the way, many of whom come on retreat after retreat. Really, it’s the perfect way to get away from it all.”
Steven Kleinman, Attorney
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Yoga. Explore. Relax.  

A “choose your own adventure” retreat in breathtaking, tropical Dominica. 

March 14-21 2020

Bring your yoga mat, your beach towel and your sense of adventure, as you join Joanne Silver and Kelley McAuliffe Curran for seven transformative days on the Caribbean island of Dominica. You will go further into your own yoga practice, whatever your level. Enjoy organic meals and time in the spa. The pace of the retreat is up to you —  hike to the island’s breathtaking vistas or simply soak in its wild beauty from the side of the pool. In the evenings, retire to your own luxury ecovilla, lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of the rainforest. 

Yoga your way

Although perfect yoga isn’t the goal, the award-winning Jungle Bay Resort is the perfect yoga getaway. At this eco-luxury oasis, amid lush jungles and secluded beaches, your hosts Joanne and Kelley will guide you through compassionate yoga classes designed to meet you where you are. You’ll explore what works for your body, and learn how to bring yoga into more of your life. 

Joanne and Kelley are both experienced yoga teachers who have found in yoga a path to overcoming physical limitations. Joanne is a reiki master, reflexologist and adventurer who has led yoga retreats in places including Mexico, Peru and Rwanda.  This is her fourth retreat to Jungle Bay. Kelley is a former triathlete who likes to end her 75-mile bike rides with a citrusy sauvignon blanc. Over the course of their friendship, they have experienced the alchemy that happens on dozens of retreats and classes. Joanne and Kelley both have a grounded, athletic yoga practice with a deep respect for the traditional principles of yoga. They take joy in seeing the life-long changes that yoga can bring. And they share a philosophy that the deepest work can happen when you’re having the most fun. 

Explore on and off the mat

Dominica is home to the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. The island’s rugged mountains also hide stunning waterfalls, meandering rivers and steaming volcanic vents. If it’s calling you, hike challenging routes through the lush rainforest with local experts who will teach you about the exotic plantlife as they guide you safely along the steep trails — Joanne is already lacing up her hiking boots for this. Your refreshing dip in the falls or soak in the hot spring will be well earned! Or, go your own way, working with the resort’s staff to explore other activities on the islands by yourself or with new friends.   

Relax as you like

Relaxation will find you in and out of the yoga studio. You’ll find it in the blissful, unrushed final resting pose of each vinyasa class and in the daily meditation and restorative offerings. All yoga classes are optional, and every asana is up to you. Retreat to your ecovilla for alone time, gaze at the ocean from the deck of the pool or explore the grounds of the resort as you bond with others in your group.  

On this retreat, you will not learn how to balance on your pinkies or ohm louder than the person on the next mat. You will learn how to bring yoga into your normal daily life. And that happens over delicious, meaningful meals and laughter by the pool just as much as in a precise, sweaty chaturanga. Find the aspect of yoga that you need now, whether that’s building intelligent strength in warriors or exploring deep, healing repose in savasana — the important thing is learning to choose, every day, the adventure that’s right for you.

Your 7-night package includes: 

Two daily yoga classes (Mats and props provided) 

All classes are optional and will be for you to experience in your own way. Each morning, we will offer a flowing, energizing vinyasa yoga class. We’ll recharge every evening with a restorative yoga and meditation session that will offer healing techniques to take home with you. The yoga studios have been custom-built to take advantage of the resort’s location. The tropical breeze will help take you deeper into your practice, as you feel a sense of connection to the surrounding nature. 


Your ecovilla is your own private retreat: an airy, stilted cottage with luxury bedding, raindrop shower and organic, eco-friendly spa body products. Your room is the perfect oasis for private meditation, an afternoon nap or journaling with a fresh banana smoothie in hand!

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

The thoughtfully prepared meals are local, organic, creative and nourishing. The resort’s talented chefs create gourmet meals that use fresh local chicken, fish and dairy. They will also work with you to fulfill any combination of requests, including fully vegan, vegetarian or gluten- or lactose-free.  

One half-hour spa treatment

The resort’s Bamboo Spa overlooks the waters of the Caribbean. Sink into luxurious treatments in a private spa suite to go deeper into your journey of relaxation and exploration. A thirty-minute session is included, and we welcome you to consider gifting yourself with more of the spa’s signature wellness-oriented treatments.

Three excursions included 

We have arranged guides to lead you on hikes to Dominica’s gorgeous and world-renowned waterfalls, hot springs and Boiling Lake. If you are ready for a challenge, the professional guides will make sure you journey safely up and down the steep trails. 

Round trip airport transfers & all taxes are included.

Additional fees 

Airfare, alcoholic beverages, additional spa services, additional activities, and gratuities are charged separately. We strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance to cover your trip, for any unforeseen circumstances.  

Other adventures

If you’d like to carve out some time for yourself, the resort’s welcoming staff will be delighted to help you experience other cultural and active destinations around the island, arranged at your own convenience and cost.

Possibilities for additional explorations include:

  • Scuba diving 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Whale watching
  • Market tour 
  • Birdwatching
  • Botanical Gardens


Double occupancy (roommate matches made upon request)

$2,150 per person

Single occupancy


Larger 800-square-foot suites are available for a bit more space. 

Double occupancy (roommate matches made upon request)

$2,750 per person

Single occupancy

$3,700 per person

A non-refundable deposit of $700 is due by January 5, 2020, for all room types. Venmo @Joanne-Silver-1. 

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Our Bios 

Joanne Silver’s Bio:

Joanne has been teaching yoga since 2002. She also holds certifications in reiki and reflexology. In addition to her 200-hour yoga teacher training, she has numerous specialties including restorative, therapeutic, prenatal, urban zen and anatomy. She has led modules and mentored in well-known teacher trainings. She teaches in yoga studios around Manhattan, has a devoted private clientele, and she loves the adventure of leading retreats around the world. When she’s not teaching yoga or providing reflexology and reiki, she can be found enjoying — or escaping — New York City. She also loves hiking and kayaking and long walks with the family dog along the cliffs of Cornwall, in her native England.

Over the years she has led international retreats in Dominica, Mexico, Peru and Rwanda as well as numerous local retreats. This is her fourth trip to Jungle Bay, and she looks forward to showing why this lovely island and its people keep luring her back. 

Joanne says:

“Facing debilitating sciatica at the age of 24, I felt trapped in a rigid body that had become too old, too fast. My life changed the first time I stepped onto a yoga mat: I fell in love with the connection of movement, body and breath. I’d found a way of moving and being that could open my body and soothe my soul. I could finally touch my toes again and am living proof that with perseverance, a gentle mindset and a lot of fun along the way, you can make life-long changes to your body and, in turn, your whole being. I have a soft spot for beginners, who often tell me they’re ‘too inflexible for yoga,’ yet often experience profound changes after only a few sessions.”


Kelley McAuliffe Curran’s Bio:

Kelley McAuliffe Curran has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been a yoga teacher since 2015. Her certifications include 200-hour yoga teacher, 45-hour restorative yoga with Jillian Pransky, ACE personal trainer and TRX trainings. She teaches yoga and movement at studios in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, and she teaches for private and corporate clients in both locations. She is excited to be visiting Dominica for the first time. 

Kelley says:

“When I was diagnosed a decade ago with premature advanced osteoarthritis, I needed to find a new way to share, and indulge in my lifelong passion for, yoga and triathlon training while overcoming the pain of this joint disease. Necessity taught me a new way of using my body. The compassionate approach I’ve developed allows me to meet clients wherever they are in their wellness and health journey. We all have access to movement. I can help you to use it to explore your body as a means to add breadth and variety to life, while increasing your enjoyment of the things you already do. My goal is to create a supportive environment that encourages all practitioners towards growth and joy.

My personal promise to you is this: You will get to know your body. You will discover things about yourself you might not have ever known. We will have fun.”


past retreats

Retreat to the Garden July 2018

The Garden is one of my favorite places to teach.

Each summer for the past seven years, I’ve led weekend retreats at this beautiful Victorian house near Beacon NY.

The gardens are beautiful, the delicious food is prepared by our private chefs and the porch is the perfect spot to read, relax or chat with new friends.

We practice yoga twice a day, balancing the morning vinyasa practice with an evening restorative practice.

Stay tuned for 2019 dates! 

Yoga Adventure Rwanda 2018 and 2019

In conjunction with Souljourn Yoga, we spent 10 amazing days in Rwanda.

From monkey trekking to safari, to spending the day with local artisans, to “glamping” in a rain forest, we explored much of the country.

We practiced yoga to the sounds of the rainforest and spent the day with the inspiring girls at Komera. We’ll be returning to Rwanda in 2019. Dates and price will posted soon!

Peru 2017

In conjunction with Souljourn Yoga, for 10 magical days we explored the ancient lands of Peru traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu, all while practicing yoga, hiking, biking, and meeting the girls from the Sacred Valley Project.

Dominica 2015

For 7 wonderful days we visited Dominica, the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean. We practiced yoga twice a day and went on some of the most beautiful hikes, including the famous (and challenging!) Boiling Lake Hike.

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