What do my clients say about working with me?

I’ve been studying yoga with Joanne on Zoom since Covid began in March of 2020. I love that even if she’s teaching class from another continent, and I’m in my living room in Portland, Oregon, it’s never awkward or interrupts our flow (aside from me being a little jealous that I’m not in New York or England)!

Joanne’s Vinyasa class is both energizing and grounding. I always leave feeling more relaxed, limber and calm. My posture has improved, through stretches, balancing and breathing exercises. This is a brilliant guided practice with an intimate feel. We are in the hands of an expert yoga teacher whom I wouldn’t normally have access to, which is so cool, and I’m so thankful!

Paloma Griffin Hebert

Online Class Student

I have been working with Joanne since 2017, starting when I was pregnant with my son. From that point on, our weekly sessions have become critical towards helping me maintain mental clarity and feeling balanced in both body and mind! She has an immense knowledge of the human body combined with a warm, caring demeanor. I have made huge strides in my strength, flexibility and stress management as a result of working with her. 

Sarah Rueven

Founder, Rooted Wellness

Joanne Silver is magic. Plain and simple. Her healing touch (reiki and reflexology) completely changes her client’s vibration. She has worked her magic on every member of my family and many of our friends. In fact, my children see her once a week during the school year. It helps regulate them and puts them in a calmer, more peaceful place. They treasure that time and we consider it as important to their wellbeing and growth as any extra-curricular they may sign up for – perhaps more because her energetic support helps them get through their weeks with calmer spirits. There are many people who are trained in reiki and reflexology. But what Joanne also brings is her own energy which you can’t learn. It’s just part of her. She’s so gentle, warm and nurturing that you feel the healing before she even starts her work.  I have also introduced Joanne to several friends who are recovering from serious illnesses and undergoing chemotherapy and they have found her to be an important part of their recovery team. She’s been MY birthday/anniversary gift too many times to count and it never gets old.

Atoosa Rubenstein

former Editor in Chief, Seventeen Magazine. Founding Editor of CosmoGirl!

Joanne has been teaching SearchOne yoga since 2013. Her weekly visits are looked forward to by all. Practicing yoga as a company has been extremely rewarding and we can’t imagine having a better instructor than Joanne. She is absolutely terrific!
Michael Garmisa

Founder, SearchOne

It is because of Joanne’s yoga classes, which were the first I took, that I now can’t imagine my life without yoga. To me, her classes are exactly as yoga class should be: inspiring and exhilarating, but also calming and focused, plus a great workout!
Sarah Daw

Financial Services

Working with Joanne for over a decade has seem me though the physical and emotional transformations of life. I wouldn’t trade our weekly sessions for the world: her unique combination of skills in yoga, reiki and reflexology bring me so much joy and grounding.
Laura Raicovich

former Director of the Queens Museum

Joanne Silver is an extraordinary teacher. Her instructions are precise, detailed and always clear. Joanne’s sense of flow through a class is absolutely magical. Each pose moves organically, naturally and inevitably into the next. As the class progresses, I feel like I’m falling deeper and deeper into a state of complete mental relaxation and, at the same time, total physical awareness. After a class with Joanne, I feel physically fantastic, mentally more relaxed, artistically inspired, spiritually calm, and completely at peace with myself and everything in the world around me. Joanne’s compassionate and encouraging spirit is embodied in every detail of her incredible teaching. My life has changed immeasurably for the better since I began practicing under Joanne’s instruction almost a decade ago.
Matthew Brady

Conductor/Director of Choral Music, The Brearley School Director of Choral Music, Mannes Prep, Mannes College of Music

Joanne Silver is a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Through her gentle guidance and example, she directs her students to find their own strength and to trust the wisdom of their own bodies. Thanks to Joanne, my own practice has grown both on and off the mat. She is wonderful.
Farah Griffin

Director, Institute for Research in African American Studies, Columbia University

Seventeen  years ago, I started doing yoga and it changed my life. Thirteen years ago, I was lucky enough to start practicing under Joanne’s guidance and again, for the second time, yoga changed my life. Her thoughtful, wise, expert, funny and always compassionate approach to this ancient endeavor is truly life changing.

Serene Jones

President, Union Theological Seminary

 Joanne has truly changed my life! She is an excellent yoga instructor for me and my team. Her flexibility to teach weekly classes, at our place of business, since 2014, has greatly contributed to the overall improved health of me and my staff. She has a unique ability to focus on what we need each week, from strengthening to stretching to core work to restorative, reiki and essential oils. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay flexible!

Paul Andrew

Owner PANYC Salon

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